Scuba Iris

Scuba Iris [AVRO/EBU]

This is a project I’ve been working on for the EBU / Avrotros during the course of 2014. This children’s documentary will be broadcast on Zapp (NPO3) by AVROTROS on December 28th 2014 in the Netherlands, as part of the EBU children’s real life documentary series along with other countries. More info down below.

Here’s the promo:

SCUBA IRIS (trailer) from 25/7 MEDIA on Vimeo.

scuba iris

scuba iris - still 2

scuba iris - still 3

scuba iris - still 4

Iris is an eleven year old girl who’s been practicing to become a scuba diver. Although her parents have been diving for as long as she lives, it wasn’t until she found out her friend Marita was learning to dive, that her interest in the sport had sparked. Iris shares a unique friendship with Marita, whom she goes to school with. Marita is a though chick unlike Iris, who is more of a girlish type. Together they try to achieve their goal of being scuba diver buddies which in the process, strengthens their friendship.

Too much gear used to list but honorable mention goes to Canon and Zeiss camera’s and optics. And of course the GoPro.

1. A Film by Anduo Lucia
2. Camera – Bernard Ausems, Nick Eckhardt, Anduo Lucia
3. Editing – Dennis van Kouterik (online), Anduo Lucia (offline)
4. Sound & Music – Imre Beerends
5. Producer AVROTROS – Jolanda Drion
6. Commissioning editor – Dorette Kuipers
7. Executive producer EBU – Phillis Fermer
8. Supervision EBU – Nadja Burkhardt
9. Commisioned by – AVROTROS © 2014
10. Special Thanks to Stéphanie Caroline, Ger van Onselder, T&O Duiksport
and of course everyone depicted in this film! Thank you Iris and Marita.

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